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You would like to live more sustainably but you are not quite sure where to start? 

Or maybe you tried living eco-friendly and you realised that your choices weren't as environmentally friendly as you first thought?

No problem, this website will provide you with tips and background information so that you can easily switch to a healthier and more ecological lifestyle.

Most important are correct



You can't make correct decisions without having the correct information.

For example, should you buy conventionally but locally grown vegetables using pesticides or organic potatoes grown in an already water-stressed country like Egypt?

What's the ecological footprint of your new phone and why should you really care about it?

Why is there nothing convenient about your plastic covered takeaway meal?

What has child labour to do with your chocolate bar?

And is a conventional toothbrush really such an ecological disaster or can it be recycled? 

This website tries to provide the answers to these and other questions. 

            A HOAX?


In a recent documentary about human's behaviour in light of climate change, the narrator asked an interesting question: "Are we really mentally incapable of looking ahead?"


It would seem so, considerating the rate of destruction we are subjecting this planet and our own species to, as we change the climate to an ever more hostile one for ourselves. When people argue that climate change is a naturally occurring cycle then they are of course partially right.

However, we are currently changing the composition of the atmosphere on such an unprecedented scale by increasing the number of its greenhouse gases, that we are creating a climate that is hostile to us humans and while other organisms will certainly survive, we will wipe not just ourselves but the majority of other species out with us.

If you now think that this will be so far in the future as not to concern you personally, then depending on your age that might be true but for the generation recently born it will certainly make life, if not quite unbearable yet then certainly more uncomfortable as it is now. And we can't claim that we haven't been warned about this or that we received the information too late to make meaningful changes. The information is out there for everybody to see.

Many studies conducted about the baffling absence of real lifestyle changes to avert climate change tried to answer the question which started this section but their results didn't point to stupidity but fear - simple fear of death that is so paralysing for many that we simply pretend nothing is happening at all.

So if you are a parent, a grandparent, a loving aunt or uncle or simply fond of your neighbour's kids then please free yourself of these fears and re-think some of the choices you make. Inspirations for easy and not life-altering changes can be found in the section climate change.



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Remember: We are part of nature!

Actually, we aren't just part of nature but we also depend on nature, therefore, it simply makes good sense to take care of it.

I am sure that most visitors to this website are aware of this but in the hectic of everyday life, it is easy to forget that every one of our actions has an impact on our environment, however big or small.

With every purchase you make you can either support companies adhering to sustainable and ethical labour practices or the opposite e.g. you can support tax evaders or a think-tank of climate change deniers.

And don't forget, we can't outsource our environmental problems to other countries, because nature is one big system and untreated chemicals being released into waters in Bangladesh will end up in your drinking water or accumulate in the fish you eat.

So there is no hiding from the environmental disaster we are creating but what we can do is stand up to the only ones that profit from these malpractices: Big companies and corrupt governments!

And don't worry, making only a few changes can actually make a difference and in turn can be quite fun and definitely rewarding. 


Take life into your


own hands again

Let's be really honest, many of our actions are directed by others and we are mostly unaware of it.

We buy a certain brand of toothpaste because we grew up using it and never even checked its ingredients. 

Today it is harder than ever to form our own opinion and to be happy with what we have.

We are constantly bombarded by advertisement, pictures and posts by people who seem happier, prettier, thinner, richer or simply BETTER than ourselves.

We are constantly contactable but if nobody actually does contact us we start this game of self-doubt and become more unhappy.

Research has shown that the more unhappy we are, the more stuff we buy, which makes sense, considering that the advertisements try nothing else but suggesting that we can buy happiness and that our life will be so much better, no - that we will be so much better - with that can of soft drink in hand.

But our excessive consumption doesn't make us happier nor more beautiful but simply wreaks havoc on the environment and often on our health - so make the switch from being a consumer to being an inhabitant of this earth.

The problem is that many companies have realised that many of us don't want to be simple consumers anymore and that more and more of us care about the environment so that the market has recently been flooded with eco-friendly products. Or so it seems.

Selling us toxic products that sound eco-friendly and make us believe that our overconsumption is perfectly fine by using the right products has now become so prolific that it has earned its own term in advertisement: greenwashing. I will try and look beyond the greenwashing and look if products are really as eco-friendly as they claim to be. I am also hoping for a healthy discussion in the blog section or via the above form if anybody has more accurate or different information or ideas.

Enjoy - don't destroy - nature

            About myself


I have always felt very passionate about nature and from a young age tried to protect it. My first project was convincing my parents to install a water saver for our toilet. I had become a member of the WWF and read about the dwindling fresh water supplies and that stirred me into action. But the idea or this website was only born when for my Masters in Environmental Management I conducted a survey amongst friends & acquaintances about their meat consumption & other environmental consumer choices.

The outcome was more interesting than expected because many told me afterwards that they thought of themselves of having an environmentally-friendly lifestyle but that they realised that they could do so much more or that they simply didn't know where to start. That's when the idea for this website was born: I thought it would be great to have all (or a lot) of this information in one place.

I hope this website will be as informative as enjoyable and shouldn't be seen as a finger-wagging moral lecture. It can be hard to constantly be on the alert if your choices are not just environmentally-friendly but also ethical. However, I believe we should keep the harm we do with our everyday choices to a minimum and to tread as lightly as possible on earth.


Please contact me if you have any questions, comments or ideas.


This website is still very new and I haven't received any comments, questions or ideas yet, but as soon as I do, we will publish the best and most informative of them.

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