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Environmentally friendly funerals


Everybody knows that funerals are expensive, but did you also know that conventional funerals and cremations are also quite environmentally damaging and that great eco-friendly and cheap alternatives exist?


  • Cremations aren't a very environmental friendly choice as anything being burned releases toxins and CO2 into the atmosphere. But cremations also release many toxins into the air, especially if embalming has taken place, and can also release heavy metals like mercury from amalgam fillings.

  • Conventional funerals often slow the natural decomposition process through embalming and hardwood caskets but the quicker you join the natural cycle of the earth, the better.

But there are great ways to make the last goodbye a eco-friendly one, and one which won't cost the earth either: 

  • If nothing but cremation is an option for you:  opt for a biodegradable urn from Bios Urns or Angel Urns



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